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Product characteristics and matters needing attention of nylon zipper

release time:2020-09-25

1. Can be used on sportswear, shoes, bedding, bags, tents.

2. This type of material is mainly polyester, which has a relatively low cost. It is also a kind of zipper that the market prefers. The chain teeth of the zipper are spiral, which is also a special type of zipper series, so there is no single-tooth displacement strong item in its physical indicators.

3. The commonly used sliders are painted, and sometimes electroplated.

Notes for zipper:

If the garments that use zippers are "washed", it must be indicated on the order form: the garments require washing. And please note that the fabric needs to be shrunk before sewing, so as to avoid the shrinkage of the fabric after washing, which will cause the zipper to arch and affect the feel. The position of the slider must be fixed when washing, otherwise the slider will slide down arbitrarily, and the slider will be securely locked on the left and right teeth, twisting according to the strength of the "washing", the twisting force exceeds the capacity of a single tooth At times, the teeth will fall off and the zipper will be damaged. Normal zipper will have a "not slippery" feeling after washing. You can apply paraffin wax and pull it up and down two or three times. Ensure the lightness after washing.