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The difference between resin and nylon

release time:2020-09-25

1. Material distinction:

Nylon zipper is made of polyester fiber material, English polyester, no matter the cloth belt, the teeth, and the suture are all polyester fiber.

Plastic zipper, professionally speaking, it is actually a resin zipper, the English name is Resion, after plastic granulation, injection molding

2. Production method:

Nylon zipper is formed by spirally forming thick polyester filaments and stitching the teeth and cloth tape together by stitching

Plastic zippers are made of polyester material particles that are melted at a high temperature, and then the rice teeth are injected onto the cloth belt by an injection molding machine to become a zip.

3. Differences in scope of application and physical indicators:

The nylon zipper has a tight mesh, soft and high strength. It can withstand bending more than 90 degrees without affecting the strength. It is generally used in luggage, tents, parachutes and other occasions that can withstand strong tension and often bend, and the number of draws is high. Very high, wear-resistant, and widely used.

Resin zipper

Features: The resin zipper has tough texture, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, colorful colors, and a wide temperature range. In addition, because the upper and lower planes of the chain teeth are larger, it is beneficial to inlay diamonds or gems on the plane, making the zipper more beautiful and luxurious, doubled in value, and becoming a practical craft ornament.

Disadvantages: Due to the large particles of the chain teeth, it has a rough feel, and the lightness of the zipper is slightly worse (slightly inferior) than other types of zippers of the same type (nylon zippers, metal zippers).

Scope of application: clothing with thick fabrics, jackets (leisure clothes), ski shirts (cold clothes), down jackets, children's clothes (coats), work clothes, military training clothes, ordnance cover bags, etc.